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What is JollyTips?

JollyTips is an app where you can easily and comfortably tip customer service experts who are deserving to be recognized for their above and beyond expected customer service. Have a great mechanic or landscaper? You can tip them through the app!

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How it works


Scan QR code


Enter tip info

Name| Customamount: $ 0.00 $5 $10 $25


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Received some great customer service? Send them some JollyTips!


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Scan the QR code & pay directly.

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Register, save payment information, & send money quicker the next time!

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Join, get your own QR code & start earning tips immediately!

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There are a lot of Jane Smiths out there. Find the right one immediately — scan their QR code and up pops their name automatically! No guesswork needed.

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You can register with your company or as an individual.

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Send your employee a QR code & have them sign up under your business account!

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Be a Jolly Business

Sign up your business on JollyTips to provide better customer service to your customers.

Happy customers

When your customers receive exceptional service, they walk away happy and will return again!

Happy employees

When your employees know that good customer service will bring them tips, they’ll give their very best!

Happy business

When your employees and customers are happy, your business is happy!

How it works



Register as acompany


Add employees


Show QR code!

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Give JollyTips, Be Happy!

Received exceptional service from someone? Show your appreciation with a tip!

Receive great service

Do you have that one person that always gives you the best service and goes above and beyond?

Say thanks

Give them a tip to help them do more of what they love.

Be Happy

Know that you’ve made someone’s day better because they made your day first.

How to send a tip to someone:


Scan QR code


Enter tip info

Name| Customamount: $ 0.00 $5 $10 $25


Swipe & send!
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Receive some Jolly thanks.

Do a great job and get compensated!

More $ to
do what you love

Earn more funds to do the things you enjoy. Make your dreams a reality!

Incentivize yourself
to give your best

When you give exceptional service, you’ll get compensated often and have happy repeat customers!

Be Happy

When you’re happy, you spread happy!

Get started soon!

How to receive tips:



Register asan individual


Show QR code


Get paid!
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Photo of creator, Jeffery Canning

Meet the creator

Hi, I’m Jeff from JollyTips. My background is in sales and account development. What I have enjoyed about my career is helping business owners be successful.

I have seen and experienced owners and staff give their customers exceptional service that was above and beyond. I started thinking years ago that these customer service experts deserve to be recognized for their above expected customer service.

Why is it when I receive great customer service from my mechanic, plumber, etc. there is no easy, comfortable way to tip these people? JollyTips answers this question.

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Kelowna, B.C.

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